Peter Djali

A Sales, Business Development and Application Development Manager with a proven track record of business growth. Peter has a broad background spanning engineering and biology and specializes in companies that breakdown barriers to progress through innovative assay, instrument and software design. Previously he has worked with Kinetic Imaging (now part of Andor Technology), Molecular Devices (now part of Danaher) and Essen BioScience (now part of Sartorius). In each case Peter has grown his part of the business significantly prior to attracting major external investment for the owners. Peter really enjoys working with small companies where his input is valued and his experience is valuable to all aspects of business activities. Peter joined IsoPlexis in 2019 as we build stronger relationships with European Immuno-Oncology researchers and serve European customers. Prior to pursuing a biotech-based career, Peter previously worked 10 years in defence, managing test and development programs for rapid prototyping of novel systems.

Specialties: Sales Management, Business Development, Cellular Imaging, Cytometry, HCS, Microscopy, Training.

Peter lives in Lancashire with his wife and 3 boys (in between their university attendance) and his biggest hobbies besides the children are photography and supporting a number of conservation charities.