Warranty policy

The CytoSMART devices are covered by warranty – if the device is properly used and installed – for a period of one year (1 year) from date of purchase. If any defects occur during this warranty period, CytoSMART will repair or replace the defective parts at its discretion without charge.

The following defects, however, are specifically excluded:

  1. ​Defects caused by improper operation.
  2. Damage caused by accident or misuse.
  3. Damage caused by autoclavation of the device.
  4. Damage cause by the sterilization cycle of an incubator.
  5. Repair or modification done by anyone other than CytoSMART or an authorized agent.
  6. Damage caused by substituting alternative parts.
  7. Use of fittings or spare parts supplied by anyone other than CytoSMART.
  8. Damage caused by disaster.
  9. Corrosion caused by improper solvent, sample or treatment of the device.

CytoSMART cannot be held responsible for damage incurred during shipment of a defective instrument. It is recommending that you save the original packing material in which the instrument was shipped. This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective products.

For any inquiry or request for repair service, please visit us at please visit us at or contact our support staff via