Cyto SMART Lux3 FL fluorescence

Remote monitoring of cell cultures

Automate your experiments and save time

Research doesn’t just happen in the science lab. Whether you’re in your office, at home on your phone, or somewhere else, you’re probably monitoring your cells and observing experiment progress regularly.

As researchers ourselves, CytoSMART knows this, which is why our devices offer automated live-cell imaging solutions.

Why automate your cell culture experiments?

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  1. Experiments that last days can be performed without ever having to enter the lab, saving time and optimizing your lab work.
  2. Automated kinetic imaging of a single cell culture over a period of time requires fewer cells and culture supplies compared to performing an experiment with multiple cultures to sacrifice at predefined time-points, which saves costs, time and resources.
  3. Automated image-based analysis of live cells in a time-resolved manner provides a complete picture of dynamic biological processes. Later on, images and time-lapse videos can be used as supportive material for your research paper.
  4. Less time is needed for culturing and medium changing.

Remote monitoring of cell cultures

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The amount of time we spend going in and out of the lab just to check your cells is considerable and now you can reduce it. Remote monitoring offers flexibility to daily lab routines by reducing unnecessary lab visits. Besides, adopting cloud-based working allows scientists to accelerate their work and save time, money, and effort. Don't you want to know when your cell cultures are ready for the next step and only go to the lab when necessary?

All CytoSMART devices are compatible with the CytoSMART Cloud Portal which enables users to monitor cell cultures remotely, archive and manage their experiment data in a secure environment; accessible anywhere, instantly. Unlimited data storage and fast computing time make the cloud far superior to any standard desktop computer.

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