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Colony Detection

Colony formation over time

In the example below human liver cancer cell line, HEP-G2 cells, are imaged for 75 hours using the CytoSMART Omni. The full experiment was performed in a 24-well plate, which was kept inside a standard CO2-incubator.

whole well colony analysis

The image displays a visual of a full well after the colony detection algorithm was run. Clusters of cells are visually highlighted by the orange colony mask. Numerical data is shown for two full wells that were seeded at the same density. Note that the colony size regularly increases as the colony count decreases. Additionally the algorithm provides insight in the circularity of the colonies. The standard deviation of the colony size increases drastically over time. This is thought to be due to variations in cell density throughout the wells.

Example video - HEP-G2 cells with colony mask overlay, 78 hours, 3 hour time intervals

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